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The Medical Plastics Issue

Blue sterilization wrap makes up 20% of operating room waste and 5% of overall hospital waste. For years, healthcare facilities have been disposing of this material through their municipal solid waste, which inevitably ends up in landfills. Blue wrap is made from polypropylene, which takes lifetimes to decompose. Circular Blu diverts this hospital plastic and repurposes it into sustainable products, offering healthcare and businesses sustainable purchasing options.


Community-based Recycling Solutions

Circular Blu creates local community-based recycling programs that provide services to hospitals. The goal is to create micro economies fueled by waste, thus, redefining its value. Circular Blu partners with logistics companies, workforce development firms, and nonprofits to divert, process, and re-purpose medical plastics.

Blue wrap Pellets
Blue wrap Pellets

Repurpose and Transform

Circular Blu recycles blue wrap through cut-and-sew production and downcycling. Local bag production programs efficiently repurpose blue wrap, and downcycling transforms the material into pellet form, which can be used to manufacture new products. Together, these processes have significantly lower environmental impacts than the alternatives.

Net+ Impact


Circular Blu defines success by repurposing the most waste while causing the least amount of harm to people and the natural world. Success is measured by the amount of plastic diverted from landfills. A third-party Life Cycle Analysis was conducted, which qualifies our bag production process as Net Positive. The process was found to lower carcinogens, ozone depletion, eutrophication and respiratory effects by taking blue wrap out of the waste stream.

Healthcare Consulting

  • Waste minimization strategies
  • Cradle-to-cradle: material recovery and reintegration
  • Sustainability and social performance reporting
  • Sustainable purchasing
  • Government-mandated compliance
  • OR staff training

Blue Wrap Diversion Goal #1: One Million lbs

Circular Blu's initial goal is to divert one million pounds of blue wrap from entering landfills or incinerators. Check in periodically to see how we are making progress towards this goal.

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