The Worlds Most Sustainable Tote

The Worlds Most Sustainable Tote


Divert waste from landfill
Support people with disabilities
Reduce CO2 emissions
Hire local talent
Replace single use products
Create closed loops for waste material
Support CSR initiatives
Redefine value of waste materials


Post Consumer Upcycled (PCU)

These bags are made from post-consumer upcycled material. These products achieve the highest level of circularity and help the healthcare and business sectors save money and divert materials from the landfill. Each of these bags saves ½ pound of CO2 from going into the atmosphere compared to virgin plastic non-woven polypropylene bags.

***Some orders might take added lead time as the Circular Blu team sources materials

Diverted from Landfills (DIV)

These bags are made from materials that were diverted from landfills. These materials were destined for landfills due to surplus production or manufacturing errors. Working with businesses to find a second life for this material prevents it from causing environmental harm and making sure no material goes to waste.

Designed for Reuse (DFR)

These products are meant to reduce the amount of LDPE bags used for grocery shopping and single use. Keeping soft plastics out of the environment helps wild life and the overall eco system.


BUYPost Consumer UpcycledDiverted from Landfills
Storq-b Sustainable Tote Bag


BUYPost Consumer UpcycledDiverted from Landfills
Storq-p Sustainable Tote Bag


BUYPost Consumer Upcycled
Mobius Sustainable Tote Bag


BUYPost Consumer Upcycled
Joncas Sustainable Tote Bag


BUYPost Consumer UpcycledDiverted from Landfills
Feather Sustainable Tote Bag


BUYPost Consumer Upcycled
Keeling Sustainable Tote Bag

Satsified Customers

"Thousands of Circular Blu bags have been provided to sustainability ambassadors throughout the world at J&J. It is hard to find a better product that embodies the triple bottom line, is useful in everyday life, and carries with it a powerful story that has a positive impact on people and the environment."
-Erol Odabasi, Worldwide Director, Sustainability, Johnson and Johnson

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