The World's Most Sustainable Tote

CO-OP Food Stores

In pursuit of a more sustainable planet, COOP Food Stores has committed to offering you reusable tote bags made from locally sourced 100% post-consumer upcycled material.

This bag diverts one half-pound of Carbon Dioxide

These upcycled bags are made from 100% sterilization wrap. This material is a polypropylene fabric that is used in the process of sterilizing surgical equipment. The material itself is sterilized in the process and then later thrown away in a perfectly clean state. Circular Blu creates programs to collect and repurpose this material.

Sterilization Wrap Waste is Big Problem...

In the US alone

The material for these bags was collected next door at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Hyper-Local Partnership

Local Upcycling programs have been temporarily paused for safety reasons stemming from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Throughout the duration of this crisis, Circular Blu has pivoted to producing bags made from 100% post-industrial upcycled sterilization wrap waste. The demonstrated model on this page will be reinstated once hospitals resume non-essential visitation and the determination to proceed is made by the Circular Blu Team.

Here are the associated impact metrics for the bags provided for the COOP Stores. This is compared to using the typical "green" reusable shopping bag.

Impact Metrics

impact metrics

Food COOP Stores is redefining the value of waste by offering its customers The World's Most Sustainable Tote. Together, we can combat the plastics waste issue, and support the health of our planet for generations to come.

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