Circular Blu works to help hospitals minimize waste and increase their environmentally preferable product purchasing. Hospitals around the country are having a hard time recycling plastics from their facility, Circular Blu provides multi benefit solutions for healthcare facilities that result in cost savings and improved environmental stewardship. Our goal is to make sure no clean sterilization wrap that leaves hospitals is landfilled or incinerated.

How We Do it

Circular Blu repurposes OR sterilization wrap and sews it into The World's Most Sustainable Tote bags.

Circular Blu repurposes OR sterilization wrap and sews it into The World's Most Sustainable Tote bags. These sustainable and circular economic bags are a great way to show employees and patients that your facility understands that environmental and human health are interconnected. These bags can be branded with your hospital logo, department mission, or event logo.

Bag Uses

Bag Uses

Patient Experience - Circular Blu bags can enhance the patient experience by promoting a message from your hospital.

Maternity - Circular Blu bags come in either blue or pink and are perfect for new mothers to bring home their belongings in a durable and sustainable tote bag.

Employee Engagement - Tote bags with a positive social and environmental mission are great ways to engage employees around sustainability.

Conference and Promotional Events - Circular Blu tote bags are perfect for events, and promotional giveaways.

Farmers Markets - Hospitals work hard to help their patients gain access to healthy and sustainable food. There is no better way to convey the importance of environmental and human health than to let patients and employees take their food home in a Circular Blu tote bag.

Hospital Gift Shops - Circular Blu tote bags are great items to be sold at hospital gift shops. Having your hospital name and logo branded on the bag is a great way to bring your brand out into the community.

Six Tote Bags

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Economic - Hospitals can cut costs across multiple departments by implementing a blue wrap repurposing program. You can save on hauling costs and single-use bag replacements.

Environmental - Each Circular Blu bag keeps ½ pound of CO2 out of the atmosphere by avoiding landfills. A third-party study conducted by a Harvard University graduate student found the Circular Blu model to have a net positive impact compared to other disposal methods on the following:

Social: Circular Blu bags are made in America and provide sustainable employment for underserved populations. Circular Blu is dedicated to supporting gainful employment for people with disabilities, which is why Circular Blu has partnered with Work Without Limits, a leading disability advocacy organization and US Business Leadership Network member that works to connect qualified prospects with leading employers. Circular Blu donates 2% of all bag sales to Work Without Limits.

Patient Experience: Hospitals throughout the United States struggle to convey their dedication to environmental sustainability to their patients. Tote bags purchased through Circular Blu can be fully branded with your hospital logo and customized hang tags that conveys a message from leadership directly to the patient. Circular Blu bags can also increase patient experience HCHAP scores for the hospital.

Brand Awareness: Unlike current patient belonging bags, Circular Blu bags will be taken home, reused and will help sustain a connection between your hospital and your patients. These bags will be used and seen throughout the community. With custom branding, hospitals can directly promote their brand to the people they serve.

What our Customers Say

Valley Health System branded Circular Blu bags

At Valley Health System, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of healthcare operations on patients, staff and the community, including broadening our recycling program and implementing environmentally sensitive programs and equipment," says Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of The Valley Hospital and Valley Health System. "Replacing our single-use patient belonging bags with upcycled, reusable bags in select areas at the hospital is just one way we are conveying the importance of sustainability and 'green' practices.

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