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Upcycled Product

These bags are upcycled directly from clean sterilization wrap, resulting in a process that turns "waste" directly into products without any added resource-consumptive processes. These bags are great for events, conferences, and are the only known true circular economy promotional items.

Upcycled Product Details

Several unique styles to choose from!
Upcycled Product Bags

Upcycled Bag Impact Metrics

This Bag Diverts 1/2 Pound of Carbon Dioxide**When compared to similarly weighted bags made from virgin nonwoven polypropylene (PP). Reusable shopping bags are typically made from nonwoven PP.


The Circular Tote

Recycled Product

These bags are made using 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, which is derived from sterilization wrap and hospital OR plastics. Recycled bags are less expensive to produce than upcycled bags and available for larger orders.

Recycled Product

The Circular Patient Bag

Recycled Product

Recycled Product Details

Circular Blu can convert any sized hospital system's single-use patient belonging bags into reusable circular patient bags made from recycled sterilization wrap.

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Recycled Product Impact Metrics

Energy And Emissions reductions
*These stats are compared to bags made from virgin resin

100% PCR Content
90% Reduction in Energy Consumption when compared to virgin resin
51% Reduction in Water Use when compared to virgin resin
77% Reduction in Contribution to global warming
64% Reduction in Acidification
44% Reduction in Eutrophication
62% Reduction in Smog creation

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Features and Add-ons

These features and optional add-ons are available for all bag types.

Custom Branding Options
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Proudly Made in The USA

All of our products are designed with circular economy design principles and are intended to replace single-use plastic products. We also can design any cut and sew product using our recycled material such garment bags, drawstring bags, etc.

Satsified Customers

"Thousands of Circular Blu bags have been provided to sustainability ambassadors throughout the world at J&J. It is hard to find a better product that embodies the triple bottom line, is useful in everyday life, and carries with it a powerful story that has a positive impact on people and the environment."
-Erol Odabasi, Worldwide Director, Sustainability, Johnson and Johnson

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