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ABC HospitalABC Hospital

ABC Hospital is proud to serve its patients and community by keeping hospital plastics out of landfill. By substituting our patient belonging bags for reusable bags, ABC Hospital was able to reach its goal of diverting over 100,000 lbs of plastic waste.

ABC Hospital was able to reach its goal of diverting over 100,000 lbs of plastic waste

How we did it:


FY 2020 Benefit Metrics

FY 2020 Benefit Metrics

ABC Hospital is making strides to reduce its plastic waste by utilizing 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bags. To mitigate the risks associated with climate change and give back to our community, ABC Hospital is minimizing landfill waste, making healthier food more accessible, donating to those in need, and reducing costs to our patients.

Letter from John Smith

CEO ABC Hospital

John Doe

ABC Hospital served its first patient in 2001. Since then, our organization has served over 8.9 million patients, delivered 670,00 babies, and gave over $3 million in community health programming. Our focus has been and always will be our patients, which is why we have committed to closing the loop on hospital plastics. Through our reusable patient bag program, ABC Hospital has dramatically reduced its landfill waste, while setting up programs that support our community's health by offering affordable healthy food, excersice programs, and keeping waste out of landfills. Our reusable bags are our gift to you to show our commitment to you, inside and outside our doors.
John Doe

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