Our Consulting Service

Circular Blu offers consulting services for organizations looking to reduce solid waste, divert waste from landfill, and find innovative ways to circularize their waste streams.

Our network of recyclers, manufacturers and customers gives us an edge, broadens the scope of our recycling capacities and gives us access to cutting edge technologies. Whether your organization needs third-party expertise or help creating a recycling program, Circular Blu has the tools to deliver data-based results.

Circular Blu has been recognized as one of the

Top 10 medical waste management and consulting companies of 2020

by MD Tech Review.

Areas of Expertise

  • Hospital Sterilization Wrap Recycling
  • Hospital Staff Recycling Program Training
  • Cradle to Cradle Design
  • Sustainable Healthcare Product Development
  • Chemical Recycling of Medical Plastics
  • New Market Exploration for Upcycled and Recycled Products
  • Evaluating Product Recyclability Claims
  • Zero Waste Product Strategies
  • Recycling Audits
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Strategies in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Sustainability Data and Trend Analysis
  • Medical Device Recycling Program Development
  • Lean Domestic Manufacturing Strategy
  • Extended Producer Responsibility Strategy
  • Sustainable Textiles and Material Sourcing
  • Sustainability Metrics and Reporting

Consulting Service Spotlight 1:

Medical Plastic Recycling Solutions

Market your product as recyclable.

As the healthcare industry begins the transition to the circular economy, the value of being able to market products as recyclable, and therefore circular, is becoming a sales imperative to remain competitive in the forecasted market.

Circular Blu can help your business create recycling programs for healthcare products so that they can be marketed as recyclable.

Take your product from “Recyclable”
to Actually Recycled

*In order to market products as “recyclable” the Federal Trade Commission requires products to have available recycling programs in at least 60% of the jurisdictions in which it is sold.

Consulting Service Spotlight 2:

Recycling Audits

Your Products:
A. Is your product recyclable?
Would you like to be able to market your product as recyclable? There is a big difference between calling a product recyclable vs. that product actually being recyclable.

Your Competitor’s Product:
B. Are you concerned about a company that is making claims about recyclability that you don’t believe is true?
Circular Blu can make the determination using industry expertise and investigative techniques.

Circular Materials

Recycled Resin

Recycled Non-Woven

Recycled Textiles