Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Polypropylene

Improve the environmental sustainability of your products by using post-consumer recycled polypropylene resin.

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BlueCON Resin

  • Polypropylene resin derived from recycled medical plastics
  • Available with or without impact modifiers
  • Certified as an 100% environmental recycled resin by MindClick
  • No odor

Made from Recycled Medical Plastics
Tell your healthcare sustainability story using this resin
Environmentally Superior
Meet Key Performance Requirements
Multiple Color Options

Benefits of Using Recycled Polypropylene instead of virgin


1. Environmental Benefit of using 100% PCR Content

90% Reduction in Energy Consumption 51% Reduction in Water 77% Reduction in Contribution to Global Warming
64 Reduction in Acidification 44 Reduction in Eutrophication 62% Reduction in Smog creation


2. Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable


Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods (Nielsen, 2015).




Case Study: CareLine Industries

When used in products designed for healthcare, using this healthcare-specific resin can help connect with the customer and tell a unique story. Careline industries creates a line of patient care products using BlueCON Resin.

Circular Blu is a licensed distributor of Careline Products made from BlueCON Resin






Circular Blu Nonwovens and Medical Barrier Fabrics

  • Spunbond is Made with 100% Post-consumer recycled BlueCON Resin
  • Made from recycled sterilization wrap derived from Halyard Health’s Blue Renew Program and/or Circular Blu Recycling Programs
  • Manufactured to your specifications
  • AAMI level 1-3
  • Customizable GSM, Roll Width, Weight, Color
  • rSMS made from 100% recycled content for isolation gowns and surgical gowns and other PPE (PCR and PIR)
  • Berry Compliant




Upcycled Material

  • Post-Industrial Reclaimed Materials
  • Nonwovens (SMS, Spunbond, Meltblown)
  • Laminates

Gain access to upcycled materials collected from various sources including reprocessed post-industrial waste materials, resulting in a process that turns waste directly into products without any added resource-consumptive processes.






Custom Materials

Circular Blu can help to bring an idea to reality with experience and contacts across multiple industries including:

  1. Textile Recycling
  2. Custom Plastics Compounding
  3. Nonwovens
  4. Converting and Finishing Services
  5. Advanced Recycling





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Sterilization Wrap Recycling




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