In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Circular Blu has pivoted to making domestically produced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Due to critical shortages of personal protect equipment we have directed all of our domestic resources to making PPE. Circular Blu has halted all hospital recycling programs due to safety concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19. The collection halt took place in early January 2020. Circular Blu maintains a source for clean post-industrial waste and trimmings that have been diverted early in the supply chain and have never been inside a hospital. We have found that sterilization wrap has been cited as an effective material for use as face masks, and this is being adopted by clinicians across the country. The manufacturers of sterilization wrap have tested the Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness (BFE) of sterilization wrap and findings suggest a BFE of >98% at 0.6 microns. Sterilization wrap masks are available on Circular Blu Store. We are also manufacturing isolation gowns, bouffant caps, and other PPE to hospitals. For more information please contact


Circular Blu is redefining the value of waste by creating circular economy infrastructure and design principles to create sustainable products that improve community and environmental health. Through our consulting and action process, Circular Blu works with all material stakeholders to create closed loop systems that yield downcycled and upcycled products out of waste that was meant for landfills or incinerators. With your help we will create domestic sustainable jobs and economic growth while protecting our eco-system and human health.


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